Hi, I’m Jei-Nhy. Writer. Researcher. Life long learner.

My name is Jei-Nhy and I am a curious soul who values balance, wisdom, and self development.

COVID-19 has really took center stage this year. As with most of the world, it really threw my life off course. I had to take a closer, deeper look a my priorities and my life and had to make some decisions that align with new priorities and new life goals. As a result, my focus has shifted more towards something that has always been a big part of my life but often thought of as a secondary thing, writing.

Curiosity is a trait I value and nurture so reading, writing (including good old fashion snail mail), and research are hobbies I enjoy the most. Looking up stuff is something I’m constantly doing, especially now that Google is in existence (but I do more than Google *insert winking emoji). I also love the occasional cross-stitching project and I’ve been collecting postcards from places I travel to and from others who love sending them since grade school.

What’s in a Name?

So, my name. Just a tad bit unusual? My name is pronounced jay-nigh. It’s a Chinese name with a Chinese spelling, given to me by my Hawaiian-Chinese grandparents, and comes from the Ingrid Bergman movie The Inn of the Sixth Happiness.The name was inspired by the actual life of Gladys Aylward and means “one loved by all” or “beloved.”