Up Next: 2018 Quarter 2

Now, I know we are about halfway through to quarter two but many things have been happening that demanded my focus and energy. Some exciting, some not so much. Lots of changes and most of them not really tangible or easily seen.

But new things, changes, are not always a bad thing and in most cases, I embrace change. When I first heard the quote “change is the only constant” (which I’m not entirely sure where, most likely from a book or a movie, but it seems to be contributed to the philosopher Heraclitus, whom I researched a couple of semesters ago), I remember thinking how true that statement is and if there was a way I could figure out a way to be okay with change, I would be set for life. Since then I’ve strived to be flexible and to be adaptable because if I could be those things, as best as I can be, I’ll be ready for change whenever it comes around.

It has served me well.

For someone who is in their early thirties, working a full-time job, being a part-time student, there are a lot of things that need juggling. Quarter one and the beginning of quarter two had me juggling a lot, on all levels.

  • Re-evaluating my priorities
  • Practicing being mindful and emotional intelligence
  • Getting creative with finances
  • Discovering a whole new planning system
  • Continuing self-discovery and development
  • Re-evaluating career goals
  • Revisiting past ideas and comparing future outlook
  • Continue to align educational and professional goals
  • Assessing work-life balance
  • Re-evaluating academic goals
  • Continue to align educational and professional goals
  • Assessing academic impact and influence on personal and professional life

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