Pivoting in Uncertainty

What a year this has been, eh? In the first quarter the globe was hit with a pandemic. In the second and third quarter the globe was hit with a movement with protesting and rioting, on top of the still on-going pandemic. Now in the final quarter of the year, the United States is greatly anticipating the news of its next Commander-In-Chief.

It’s been challenging times. Chaotic times. Some might even say exciting times. At the very least, it has been quite the adventure. I linger in the world of curiosity and wonder. I’m more curious to see what the effects of this year will be than anything else. You cannot change what the world does but you can choose how you respond to it.

Respond. Not react. Two different things. Reacting is usually done instinctively. No real thinking involved. Someone hits you and you defend or attack, based on what your instincts are conditioned to do. Responding is usually done after you take a moment and think about what you choose to do. It is more mindful. There is choice involved. A decision is made.

Most of the world has reacted to things that has happened. No judgement here. The pandemic pulled the rug out from under us and we reacted. However, in these last few months of 2020 we can take a step back, breathe, and think about how we want to respond. Moving into a new year, we can embrace what we found out about ourselves through these challenging times and choose what path to take now that we know more not only about ourselves but about certain situations we find ourselves in.

On a more personal level, I’ve learned a few things about myself. I’m stronger than I thought I would be. Living on my own, in a whole new environment was something I hadn’t planned but I trusted myself and my Heavenly Father to help me navigate through the uncertainty. When I made the decision to move, it felt right but everything was unknown. I didn’t know if I could find a job in my new home. I didn’t know if I would like where I would live. I didn’t know if I could do things on my own.

And yet, I am still here.

It may not be much to some people but for me this is a huge accomplishment and one that I am very proud.

But now that I’ve settled down some and my basic needs are met, what do I do from here? Where do I go? Again, things are uncertain. Now that I’m surviving, how do I want to live?

And this is where I pivot.

If there is one thing that has been a steady constant in my life, it has been writing. It is something I enjoy doing, something that I always circle back to, and something that I don’t know how to live without.

When I started blogging my purpose was just to start writing for an audience. My writing had always been personal and just for me. Blogging would be writing with the likelihood of someone reading what you wrote. The idea scared me but I enjoyed writing so much I felt the need to share it, at least with a small audience. And before I could talk myself out of it I jumped online and opened an account. Three attempts later 411 Junkie was born. And I enjoyed doing it, quite steady, for at least five to six years.

The last two years I took a detour. I sort of let life take me wherever the road led as I focus on more important things like finding a way to support myself and set myself up in my new home. Now I’m getting back in the driver’s seat and continuing the journey with mindfulness and intention. I’m pivoting during these uncertain times to focus and enhance areas of my life that have brought me joy throughout my journey because I don’t want to react to life, I want to respond to it.

It’s scary and full of unknowns but the curiosity in me is excited for this change. And as always, my intention is to record the moments that strike me, even for my smallish audience, so while I’m not sure what my game plan is or where I’m going exactly, I’ll be posting updates as I go.

Be kind! Be safe! Be happy!

2 thoughts on “Pivoting in Uncertainty

  1. Shanna N Treston NoteboTabura says:

    Love you cousin ❣️ Will surely be on the look out for your updates.

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