I Live In A World

Morning reflections:

Today, I live in a world where information goes viral within seconds. Not just in your local town or state either but viral on an epic scale, nationally and even globally. And that is all types of information. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Some of it more than others.

Today, I live in a world where misinformation is harder and harder to combat.

Today, I live in a world where anxiety, depression, and fear seems to be advertised over kindness, compassion, and love.

This concerns me because I see subjects that teach you how to think, critically and logically, and how to communicate, through research and organized writing, pushed aside in favor of subjects that teaches you simply how to do things. Doing over thinking. Too much of one and not the other is not so much a good thing. In order to function properly, shouldn’t I know how to do both? How to both think and do? Thought and action?

I understand that subjects like English and History may not teach you something obviously useful like building a table or how to send an email but the value lies in providing someone more freedom because it doesn’t tie you down to one particular trade. It teaches you skills that will help in all trades.

I understand that scripture study, prayer, and going to church won’t teach me anything that could help with tangible, worldly things like money and paying the bills but the value lies in teaching someone compassion, courage, and comfort.

More importantly, those types of subject teaches how to navigate life. As dramatic as it sounds, learning how to think critically and logically helps with everyday life. Courage and compassion offers understanding and insight to what humanity should strive to be like. Understanding that everyone is fighting a silent war, surviving this life so they are no different from me.

My career and/or job is typically an 8 hour day but my job is nestled within living my life. It isn’t my entire life. Nor should it be. Why would I want to spend all my time and energy learning skills that will apply to so little of my life? I’m sure those skills will earn me a good living but how will I know what is a good living? How will I know how to manage my life if I don’t have a well rounded education?

Today, I live in a world of uncertainty and chaos but because of my well rounded education that includes both secular and spiritual learning I have both the tools and skills to help me navigate life. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

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