Redefining Life Intentions

Have I made good on my life intentions?

With a blink of an eye 2019 is near its end.

December has me reflecting back upon the past twelve month. It’s almost impossible to escape this year end reflection since my birthday falls in November. Not only do these last two months close another year, for me, they begin another year as well.

The biggest event for me this year was moving out of state. It was sudden. It was bold. It was risky.

It was also an experience I wouldn’t change. Moving is never easy. Moving suddenly makes it that more challenging. With the chaos of last year, I was thinking about moving, eventually. But life presented an opportunity. Intuition told me to take it. So I did.

A whole new world

Settling into my new world is challenging. There are things I’m still trying to get used to that are more than just familiarizing myself with a place and a new setting. For example, my new role.

Living in this new place has me rethinking who I am. You can reinvent yourself when you move to somewhere new. Be someone different. Give yourself a new identity. While that seems tempting and something other people might want to try, I love who am. My experiences shaped who I am today and I appreciate the knowledge and wisdom those experiences taught me.

Redefining Life Intentions

This leaves redefining my life goals. Or rather, intentions. How do I want to live my life in this new environment? What is it that I want to do? What do I want to accomplish on a personal level? What do I want to accomplish on a professional level?

My focus this month is to unpack and process those questions to set the tone for the year ahead. I want to create a baseline, a foundation by taking a good look at what are my intentions for me personally, what are my intentions professionally, in efforts to redefine how I intended to life my life in this new chapter.

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